Spamers and nasty posters

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Spamers and nasty posters

Postby BackpacknJack » Fri May 04, 2007 8:48 pm

I jumped on a plane to Tampa to pick up another cache mobile and the storms on the way back wouldn’t let me connect fast enough to sign in and delete "them" and their post until I got back home to Arkansas. There is always some way to work around ban control if you are willing to waste your time doing it. I don’t see what it gets them for all their efforts.
The big difference between the written word and the spoken word is, there isn’t much you can do about something you have already heard that you didn’t want to hear but you don’t have to read the written word if you don’t want to. So it is just wasted time and time is something you never get back.

Any way, the new cache mobile did tread water up past the floorboards, not a sane thing to do but I actually had no choice, got through the hail storms and faced down the 60mi. Hr. winds like a Hummer so maybe I’ve got me a"TopDown" swamp buggy for them thar 5X5 caches. :lol:
Yall been good and yall missed me huh?? :roll:
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Postby dlyle » Sat May 05, 2007 6:20 am

Welcome back and post up a picture of that new "swamp buggy" sometime!

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